Abba Fishballs in Bouillon

Abba Fishballs in Bouillon
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Product Description

Swedish style fish balls from Abba have been a part of the Swedish everyday kitchen for many decades. Loved by children and adults alike, our fish balls offer tasty, uncomplicated, healthy meals in a minute.Just heat the fish balls and eat with pasta or rice, or add to a soup or consommé. Abba fish balls can also be served cold in a salad without further preparation, or as the seafood ingredient in numerous innovative recipes. All natural ingredients - no additives. These fish balls are made from the very finest fish meat from cod, haddock, saithe, hake and salmon from nearby waters in the northeast Atlantic. The fish fillets are then mixed with milk, potato flour, oil and mild spices and formed into small balls in our modern seafood plant on the Swedish west coast.