Icewear "Stavanger" Black Sweater from Iceland

Icewear "Stavanger" Black Sweater from Iceland
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Icewear "Stavanger" Black Sweater from Iceland. The Stavanger Norwegian Wool Blend Sweater is lightweight and is great for comfortable everyday wear. It offers the elegance of classic Nordic patterns running across the chest and shoulders, with very fine dots on the lower torso. If the loose fitting sweater becomes too warm, you can open it like a jacket. The woven, multicoloured flower pattern of the traditional ribbon found on Nordic garments runs vertically up along the opening, and around the neckline. The sweater is closed with six die cast tin hooks that are also of the traditional kind. This also gives the Stavanger sweater, named after the West-Norwegian coastal town, its classical air. Rib stitch knitting is at the hem, neckline and cuffs.

It is 30% wool, 70% acrylic.

This sweater runs true to size.