"Margrethe's Aebleskiver" Tile by Suzanne Toftey

"Margrethe's Aebleskiver" Tile by Suzanne Toftey
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Product Description

"Margrethe's Aebleskiver" Tile by Suzanne Toftey.

Bestemor (grandma) is teaching Margrethe how to make aebleskiver. These Dansih "doughnuts" are made on a special pan and turned with a knitting needle. The Danish costumes they are wearing are from the Faroe Islands. Traditional heart baskets border the scene. They are red and white, colors of the Danish flag. Included on the back of the tile is a recipe for traditional Danish Aebleskivers.

The tile measures 6 inches square. Use it as a trivet or hang on your wall- comes with a cork backing and a hanger for wall mounting.